Bheesma Movie Box Office Collections

Bheesma Movie Box Office Collections :

Nizam 8.57 crores – Seeded 3.13 crores – Uttarakhand 2.86 crores – East 1.64 crores – West 1.21 crores – Krishna 1.44 crores – Guntur 1.73 crores – Nellore 0.72 crores – Rest of India 1.88 crores – Overseas 3.10 crores. World Wide Total collected 26.28 crores.

Bheesma Movie Box Office Collections:

7 22.7 crores pre-release business for Bhishma film. By the end of the 10 days, the film has garnered a share of 26.28 crore. The distributors who have already bought the film seem to be making a profit. It was a satisfying blockbuster in Nitin’s career. Declared a career-best hit. The hit will be a big plus for the career of Venky dumplings. It is reported that Nitin is planning to marry his girlfriend.

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